Web Vixen

Web Vixen is an Adelaide based Web design business which specialises in creating and maintaining web sites for small businesses. Web Vixen works with your business to create a site that is relevant to you and your customers.

Benefits of having a web site:
  • Promotes your business
  • Increase the visibility of your business to your clients.
  • Reach a larger customer base.
  • Provide a better customer service to your clients.
  • Enables your business to have a 24 * 7 presence.
  • Enable your clients to learn about your business at their convenience

Web Vixen offers a personalised service without the techno babble at a reasonable rate.

Web Vixen provides a Web Hosting service which can be provided as part of a Web Design package or purchased separately.

We are a small business and offer you personalised service. You will be working with the same person from start to finish. This enables any questions to be answered by the same person. Delivery timelines and billing questions as well as requirements can be clarified at the requirements meeting.

Because Web Vixen does not have premises our overheads are lower and we pass the savings onto you.

Requirement changes and enhancements can often be easily incorporated in a timely manner as you are always dealing with the same person. As Web Vixen is a small business it can offer flexibility and adaptability which may surpass larger companies. All work is completed locally in South Australia so you are helping the local economy.